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August 25, 2015
August 2015
Wow! Where has this year gone? We are in August already and it seems like five minutes ago I was cooking Christmas roast dinners. It’s not just me getting older, everybody says the same - that time just flies by these days. We sure do live in a fast paced world today.

Some things in this world just can’t be rushed. Pork Belly for one. To achieve this wonderful succulent meal actually takes hours but it is my favourite dish on the menu at the moment.

Sea Bass is one of my all time favourites. It was the first dish I added to a menu and I’m still cooking it 8 years later.

It’s not just the main ingredient that is nice to prepare, it’s all the wonderful vegetables and herbs that Norfolk has to offer, all combined to bring a dish together which makes my job worthwhile.

I am hoping to show members of the public how passionate I am about being a Chef at the Aylsham Food Festival when I will be giving a cookery demonstration on Saturday 6th September. This will be in the Market Place as part of the Farmer’s Market. Basic larder ingredients are provided and I will have an allowance of £10 to purchase from the market producers. I will produce 3 dishes as separate demonstrations throughout the morning, starting around 9.30, with the aim to be finished by 12. I’m really looking forward to the challenge and hope to see you all there – you may even get a sample!!

Dave Tortice
Head Chef
February 11, 2015
Spring is approaching and we have some lovely food coming your way. One of the local specials currently on our boards is fresh mussels from Brancaster cooked in white wine, garlic and cream, yummy!
Some other seasonal delights we will be cooking with are Curly Kale, Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Leeks and of course the U.Ks main crop of Potatoes.

Why not grab a piece of Halibut from your local fishmonger, oven roast it, steam some purple sprouting broccoli and serve this all with a lovely clam and potato chowder. You cant get much more seasonal than that!

Its almost time for Norfolk Food Heroes Nominations, if you think we are worth please feel free to nominate us!

The Chefs and all the kitchen team thank you for your continued custom and look forward to seeing you soon
December 05, 2014
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
The season of Game is upon us and we are very lucky that we have an array of beautiful game on our doorstep. Be sure to make the most of it before the season ends!

Well Christmas is upon us and the parties are in full swing. Turkeys are being cooked by the dozen, Mark will look like a pig in blanket by Christmas Day. The smell of sprouts is filling the crisp winter air!

We all wish you a lovely Christmas and hope you have a very happy new year!

Dave Tortice
Head Chef

p.s If you are in for dinner, please feel free to ask the chefs for a Rocket Balloon fight, bring on the challenge!!
August 21, 2014
August 2014
So you want to be a Chef…………

There seems to be a shortage of Chefs at the moment. Is it that people are all looking for that wonderful social meeting job or has Gordon Ramsey scared them all off??

I’m often asked what made me become a Chef. I’m not exactly sure because I always wanted to be a Fireman!!

If any of you are thinking about going into this profession you can forget weekends, a social life and get used to losing touch with friends you had at school or college. You’ll miss family gatherings, Christmas and Birthdays; you’ll work punishing hours, starting early and finishing late. There is no room for glory hunters but it’s a very rewarding job and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

As autumn approaches I am looking forward to all the wonderful local produce that Norfolk has to offer including the delicious pheasant, partridge and venison.

I am presently getting ready for my stint at the Aylsham Show again in the Cookery Theatre. How lovely that I was asked back for a third year. I must have done something right last time!! I am cooking some of the Banningham Crown favourites that will include pan seared seabass, slow roasted Blickling beef short ribs, Hevingham chicken breast with Broadland ham and a dapplewood cheese sauce. You can come and see me on stage at 4pm.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

Dave Tortice
Head Chef

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